Friday Affirmation: Season

Father, as the trees change color and the kaleidoscope of fall color explodes around me, could You help me find my season in life? It’s so easy to feel like a season is never ending. Whether it’s changing diapers, a job that never ends, feeling worthless or over-looked, they are all season. I want to see You in this season of my life. Open my eyes to see You.

God’s Sweet Gentleness

October 15th is miscarriage loss day. It always brings pain to the surface, a pain that isn’t too far removed from my days. I’ve had two miscarriages, two precious children I don’t know this side of heaven. Last year God gave me another slice of peace about the process, so today I wanted to share…

Friday Affirmation: Story

Father, I have a story, but sometimes it is so hard to see. Yet I know it is critical to discover my story, because my story is my testimony of Your movement in my life. Revelations 12:10 says we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Would You reveal my story to me? Would You reveal the way You see my story to me? And where I have confusion or uncertainty about whether You can use my story, would You show me how You can and are?

Friday Affirmation: Harvest

Father, it’s the season of harvest. It’s the season of slowing down for the tractor to make its way to the next field. I find that I am longing for harvest. I want to bear much fruit for You. Would You do what You need to do in my life, so that I can be a person who bears a harvest for the Kingdom. Help me live a life that matters in the light of eternity. Amen.

Meet the Grove Girls: Nonfiction and Giving

Two day we’re talking about our favorite non-fiction books and what we would do if gifted with extra money. While we love fiction here, we also love learning. Let’s start with the nonfiction. What nonfiction book is impacting your life? Melissa Tagg: I read Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F Downs late last year and it’s STILL…

Friday Affirmation: Wisdom

Father, it’s back to school time, but it’s never time to stop learning. Would you give me a curious mind? One that is quick to learn and quick to seek You? Lord, could I never settle for what I know now, but always be willing to learn what You set before me. Give me wisdom and a mind that is quick to understand the things You have for me to know and understand. Give me wisdom, Lord.

Friday Affirmation: Beauty

Father, so often in this world, I don’t feel beautiful. It’s so easy to compare myself to others. Will You help me to see myself as You see me? That’s what I desire most. To see myself in the true light of Your eyes. And to find the beauty inside that You find in me. I love You!

Friday Affirmation: New Things Coming

Father, You are a God of new things. What new thing do You want to do in my life? Father, I don’t want to get trapped in Your move from ten years ago. I want to live in the stream of where You are right now. Help me open my eyes to the new things…

Maybe it’s okay to be a little discontent

So the funny thing about this post I’m writing right now? It’s supposed to be about setting. But I’m enjoying my current setting so much–a breezy, sun-splashed second-floor balcony–that I’m having trouble writing this thing. (Yeah, yeah, I know…I should go inside and get some sunscreen.) This is a setting I love. Sunday afternoon stretching lazily…

Friday Affirmation: Shout with Joy

Father, thank You for joy. Thank you for making a woman who can run in fields with joy knowing You are with me. Knowing that You have good plans for me. That You love me deeply and that I can trust You to be good. Help me life in that truth and may that lead…

More Than Setting

We’ve been talking “setting” here lately. It’s a vital aspect of craft as it forms the background, a theme, for all that runs through every experience within a story. Winter vs. Summer?  Game of Thrones is not a light joyful tale — “Winter is Coming” tells all that you need to know. “Summer Blooms” would never fit….

Friday Affirmation: Cling to the Good

Father, in a world that distracts with so many things that are not good for me, could You help me cling to You and what is good? Would You help me spirit to discern between the good and all else? Would You give me a deep desire to focus my time and energy on the…

Change Your View & Jump Start Your Creativity

This past weekend, most of the Grove Girls actually got to have a little face time at the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference in Nashville. There is a lot to love about going to a writer’s conference with some of the sweetest girls I’ve ever known. After all, it was about a year ago I…

Friday Affirmation: Sweet

Father, Your words are sweet to my soul. Better than the most perfect ice cream, Your words are life and health to my soul. Help me to desire them more deeply than I desire the next sweet. Help me to dive into Your Word with joy and anticipation each day. Fill me with a desire…